It’s a bad thing….


When your blog’s index page is empty. That’s when you know you’ve neglected an integral part of your life.

Ok, so I’m wired. Or as Robert Love would say “I am so metal”. (Wait for the wince, wait for it….)

Excellent day today. It was our “do nothing, Geoff’s coming over” day. Got to meet both Geoff and Barry and that’s always a blast. Too much stuff to list off – ended up going to this artsy tea place owned by a German lady and playing Chinese checkers. Stars of the night: Allister and Barry – I can see why Geoff calls them the dynamic duo – those two hit it off perfectly. And that’s when they’re not staring lovingly into each other’s eyes :) Oooh…low blow there – Allister’s gonna get me for that one ;) At any rate – the wit was just flying out there – I couldn’t keep up. I’ve gotta work on that – I can’t put my thoughts together fast enough. Practice is all it takes (that’s what they tell the guys who don’t have enough skill – I can see ’em now – “Throw them a bone boys! Pretend they can reach our level”) :)

But there’s not enough to do in Waterloo (what’s that? a context switch? cue Rimshot GROAN – geek joke – GROAN). I’m just sooo bad ;) I’ll be here after and I take cash, cheque or credit to stop with the cheapness! You’d figure with two universities and a couple of colleges University Ave. would be packed with interesting student activities.

Well you’d be WRONG!

There’s nothing here – its like they said “Them Waterloo folks – they’re all isolationists anyways, leave em alone”. Man…

Hmm, its pretty late now, better go to sleep. Ta ta!


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