Long Days, Long Nights…


I often find that during work terms, my sleeping habits suffer tremendously. In most cases I get in the range of 5 hours of sleep. This is definitely the case here as well. What’s interesting though, is that the _reasons_ behind my sleep habits falling by the wayside differ significantly.

In previous work terms, the primary cause of my late nights was time spent doing items that I ‘wanted’ to do. In other words – fun stuff for me! There were a number of instances where my work contributed significantly to the times @ which I went to sleep – but I’ll chose to ignore them ;-) I often put off activities that were less fun. This term I’ve found myself taking a different tack. I’ve been fairly rigorous in keeping an up-to-date list of important tasks that have to be done. I set dates that I want them completed and I’ll do those tasks _before_ anything else. I also put higher priority on completing those tasks as opposed to sleeping. Odd I know, but in my mind that’s the only way I have of ensuring that nothing keeps slipping (you know – the dreaded ‘it was _supposed_ to be done 10 days ago).

Of course, life gets in the way. Unannounced activities, items that you didn’t expect to occur, late nights at work. The usual.

On another note, as I take a look at my blog entries over the past six months I’ve got to wonder – “What happened?” I used to blog fairly regularly and suddenly in April or so, things went downhill. Since then, it’s almost as if my posting habits haven’t recovered. Maybe my ‘list o’ things’ will help with that.


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