I think an explanation might be in order.

Over the past few days, no entries for this current month have gone up. This is not because I haven’t been writing them (far from it!) but because I’ve been waiting.

“For what?”

Two days ago, out of sheer curiousity, I browsed over to my old engineering page. Created back in the day when I had little or no knowledge of HTML, CSS or the like, it was an ‘attempt’ to create a webpage & blog. I maintained the page regularly, writing blog entries almost daily. When I shifted over to Movable Type, I had entries dating as far back as March 2002.

I carried over none of these, choosing instead to make a clean break with my past and maroon them on the engineering server. I think, if you read my previous entry, you’ll get an idea about my rationale behind that. Some points I espouse are rooted in my reflections on the day of the change.

I’ve viewed these two webpages as distinct entities. Their style, content and writing methodologies differ vastly. I was ashamed of my earlier entries. I was ashamed of who I used to be. It’s been that way for over a year now.

Two days ago, I knew, (like it or not) that these entries represented me. It’s a fascinating insight into who I was and how I’ve changed over a two year period. With that epiphany, came the decision to integrate these entries fully into my current blog. And so started the painful process of hand-importing my older entries into my MT installation. I also decided that although I’d write additional entries over those days, I wouldn’t post them until all my older entries were imported. Not sure why I did that…

Today, at 09:30 PST I finished the import process and you’ll now notice a much larger archive section to the right. I hope it proves to be…interesting, thought provoking. I can ask for no more.


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  • Okay, I’ve officially (more or less) read each of your blog entries. And I’m just gonna say, f*ck you again for the 3AM call where you guys tricked me into thinking the RTX was no where near complete. Bastards. Remind me to beat you the next time I see you.

  • <smiles slightly>Paul – now why would you harbor any resentment over a little thing like that :-) You must have enjoyed the sheer jolt of adrenaline that surged through you when you heard that.

    And I will most certainly not remind you to beat me.

  • BTW Paul G., I really appreciate your taking the time to read my entries. As always I value your opinions/advice and always enjoy responding to your comments :-)


  • I’ve been following along both of your blogs as well as Teehan’s off and on this term. Keep up the good writing.

    I’ve also got a blog going at scottmcleod.com. I finally got around to installing MT and actually keeping up a blog, rather than just using the web space for other things.

    Check it out, comment on a few entries if you’re so inclined (comment previewing doesn’t work yet; MT 3.0 bug), and let me know what you think of the design. I realize I need some images but I have absolutely no skill with Photoshop. I’ve also got to get my hands on a digital camera so I can take some photos. I also might want to write a few quickie PHP scripts to do little things dynamically, so maybe Paul G can help me out with that at some point.