I enjoy writing immensely and I often wish I had the opportunity to make it a more significant activity in my life.

I would not consider myself a great writer though (I’ll steer clear of judging myself publicly). Some problems I’ve noted are:

  • Lack of focus in my work. Often my writing reflects my thought processes. Random and prone to tangents.
  • Lack of knowledge. I simply don’t know grammar rules, creative writing techniques, different constructs I can use et. al.
  • Time constraints. Good writing takes time to develop. It involves a significant amount of prooofreading, rewriting, refocus and more. If you have one hour a day to get content on the screen you have two options – both unpalatable:
    • Significantly cut the content
    • Skip the after work

    You could of course, significantly cut the number of entries you produce…

I think the point I should focus on first and have the most likelihood of fixing involves focus.

And I need help.

So if you guys think that my entries are sprawling – by all means let me know! I always appreciate feedback.

That’s all for now. You may resume with your day.


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  • I’d never do 6 courses again. But then English 109 isn’t really a course. It’s more like a series of dialogues spoken to you while you read slides. Then the assignments, if you twist them your way (I wrote a summary about violent movies, followed by an argument regarding violent movies, then a research paper on violent entertainment like movies, video games and comicbooks… right up my alley, so it was fun to do), can be interesting.

    But yeah, it’s extra work, and an extra exam to quasi study for. Really, the exam is a joke… took me slightly longer than the psych 101 exam (which took me 45 mins the first time through, and 15 mins to look over before I said, “F*ck it, I’m done with this course” and left).