What did you say? WHAT THE F*** DID YOU SAY?


I can be broken in half easily.
I ate 4000 calories today
I had a Guinness, an orgasm and a blowjob.
I ate 5 hot dogs today.
I roasted my first marshmallow.
I learnt how to make smores.
I ate 3 smores today.
I realized I’m not a big fan of marshmallows.
I realized I love honey graham crackers.
I like fires – especially bonfires.
I almost had a Bud.
I passed up an opportunity to buy a girl (or two!) a drink.
Oh yeah, I also had a long island iced tea.
I went to Carlsbad company stores.
I realized that no one has my fucking pant size in Carlsbad company stores.
Americans have fucked up euchre rules. Who the hell heard of ordering your partner up and not having to go alone? And when was “Stick the dealer” optional?


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  • Yeah, those are fucked up rules. I’ve heard of sticking the dealer being optional, but as for not going alone, that’s just silly.

    Sounds like you had a good day!

  • They’re too gooey. But they are yummy…

    I feel bad for eating them tho ;-)

    I had a great day! What about you guys?

  • Life is good, especially since we have a place that’s our on paper… that kicks @$$…

    OH, Ron Burgundy is entirely in San Diego, so you guys might want to check it out… but be warned: it’s far from a good film, but I laughed from beginning to end, non-stop.