I’m struggling to write this entry – I’m just that tired. Lately, I’ve been feeling physically (as opposed to emotionally) drained. I’ve been collapsing into bed earlier, feel less energetic and sometimes downright lethargic. I’m not too happy about this.

On the other hand, I’ve rediscovered the joy of fiction while reading Allister’s copy of the “Da Vinci Code”….


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  • BAH! The Da Vinci Code, although containing some interesting – yet not quite original – ideas, is poorly written. How annoyed was I when chapter(s) ended with, “I knew this… but I won’t tell people” and then 3 or 5 chapters later, things would be revealed… slowly… when I could figure things out before some of those characters. But, enjoy it if you can.

  • :-)

    Yeah, I’ve been noticing a few…’issues’ as well.

    Maybe its tempered by the fact that I’m alternating my reading of the “Da Vinci Code” with “The Odyssey” and a healthy dose of non-fiction.

    I find that for me, the greatest challenge is S L O W I N G down the speed at which I read.

  • When it comes to reading novels, I only read them on the TTC. Other times, if I’m reading, it be comic books :)

    Anywho, I’m gonna do some work term report reserch -_-

  • I have yet to even pick a work term topic…

    Damn, I’m behind. I need those procastination genes switched off (like the monkeys).