One Word Descripton


The challenge: Use one word to describe your current state/mood.

My answer: Exhausted.

I think it’s hard to accurately convey just how tired I feel at this very moment. Exhaustion’s one of those debilitating feelings and I’ve had the misfortune of encoutering it – both in its physical and emotional manifestations. It drains you.

Today, my exhaustion is the result of a more prosaic cause. I went to sleep @ 2:00 last night (working on Psychology reading & questionnaires) and woke up this morning @ 6:08. Since then, I’ve been out all day. Meetings with possible 4th year design professors, printing, binding, fixing work term reports, writing cover letters, applying for jobs, lectures and more. So, pretty packed to the gills.

Oh yes, and since its Psych 101 day, I don’t get home till 9:30PM :-)

The activity that takes the most time is the co-op process. Last term, Allister and I described coop as our “6th course” and its a characterization that holds true today. Unfortunately, being as this is the 3B term, it really is my 7th course since my 4th year design project has started to occupy more and more of my time.


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  • Exhaustian can cause any of us to get frustrated. And apologies can go both ways. But it’s all good now :)

    Quoth the Weeping Gorilla: “Sometimes I hurt myself”

  • The one thing I really dislike about Blogger is how they make commenting by non-Blogger users a nuisance.

    I apologize too Paul, I overreacted yesterday.