If I got a dollar for every Nikon DSLR rumor I’ve heard over the past 4 months, I’d have no need to work. I’ve heard everything…

CAM1300, CAM2000
F6 body, D100 body
6MP, 8MP, 10MP, 12MP (Everyone’s “got the info from a Nikon rep”)
5fps, 4fps, 3fps

What all of this really means is that Nikon users are tired of being denied bragging rights by Canon time and time again.

The users want a winner.

Not an almost winner – as in “best bang for the buck” or “best feature combination” etc. No. They want a camera that buries the Canon equivalents. We’re talking speed, build, noise, price… People want to be reassured that Nikon’s back on its way to being a leader – not a has-been.


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  • Hey Allen,

    Its Shawn Klein from your class. I left you a response on the last post you made. Did you get it?


  • I just got it. The comments were stuck in moderation limbo. I’ve sent you an email about it. You should be on the whitelist…