And Yet Again…


In a repeat of the university-term proper, I’m unable to make it out to an event with my friends.

It would have been great to see Jeff, Mike, Teehan, Scott, Nino et. al. before the end of term. But yet again, I’m unsurprised that I can’t. This term I’ve had to say “No.” to too many friends. It’s always this project, or that assignment or some exam.

You wish that the stuff you’re giving up – heck – the life you’re giving up is worth it in the end.

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  • Yeah, it would have been good to have you out, Allen.

    I think about — sometimes regret — what I’m missing all the time. I got invited to the beach this past Sunday but was stuck studying. The entire beautiful weekend I spent studying I was thinking of how a crappy time of year it is to be stuck inside studying.

    Ahh, for all my griping I know it’s worth it. I’m miles ahead of where I would be if I hadn’t gone through Engineering and the grueling process it’s been.