Prairie Views


Every so often I stumble across photographers whose images captivate me for reasons I cannot articulate. Such is the case with Eric Fredine.

A Canadian photographer in the Albertan prairies, he offers a distinctive and arresting view of spaces often described as flat, repetitive or featureless. His Horizons and Roads portfolios are especially fascinating – though I admit preferring the former over the latter. Viewing the Horizon series I had the distinct impression of formality, of composure without artifice – as if these were portraits of place.

I’d love to hold Combine, 2005, to see it close, to let my eyes wander up the cut wheat stalks and play along the lines of the combine at its heart…


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  • Very nice work. Thanks for the link.

    Another Canadian minimalist landscape photographer you might like is David Burdeny.

    Seascapes, but apparently he started photograpy by shooting the prairies as a kid.

  • You’re not going to believe this, but I’ve a fine-art poster of his “Vanish, Port Townsend, 2004” on my wall. It’s 01 in the North America section on his website.

    Good call…