ArchiveJune 2007

Waning Light

Imagine me. I’m sitting at a table typing away at a laptop. To my left lie two piles of books, a mix of fiction, photography portfolios, and “understand yourself”; to my...


I’ve been in a prolonged slump lately – busy, productive, consumed with doing and participating – yet, all with an unsettling sense of detachment. … I want to turn my brain...


Ah…assuming I’ve not got the date wrong, my friend Rob just got married this weekend. So a warm and heartfelt “Congratulations!” to him. I’m hoping the best man carried...

One Tuesday Night

June bugs hit the pavement around me. First, a muted thwack as shells make impact, then a soft, unsettling whirr as wings unfurl, beat frantically in the still air.
Breathe slowly.
I crouch,