Fight the New University of Waterloo PAC Weight Room Hours!


On Friday August 1, UW Campus Rec outlined changes to the PAC weight room hours. As of September ’08, the PAC weight room goes from an “always open” standing to one in which it is available only in staggered 3-hour blocks. Mornings are pretty much a no-go: you have the choice of one hour, or none. And weekends may as well be – if you can’t work out from noon to 3pm, you’re out of luck.

What is extremely frustrating is how these changes were made, i.e. without any consultation with regular, but non-varsity sports affiliated, users of the facilities. Moreover, it’s not a good idea – and I’m not the only one saying this. In all my conversations with regular weight room users I have yet to find a single person who thinks the new schedule a good idea. Ostensibly done to ‘streamline’ facility use, the PAC weight room will go from crowded to overcrowded and unusable. If you’re interested in using a squat cage or rack, or a bench-press station, be prepared for long, long waits. Actually, you may as well not show up.

As University of Waterloo students we pay an Athletics fee, and this gives us a say – a major say – in how facilities are allocated. This is our property, not simply a convenience that is provided gratis. Email Bob Copeland, Chris Triantafilou and Annette Denny and let them know that these changes do not serve the wider student community.

And if they don’t listen . . . demand your Athletics fee back.


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  • University of Waterloo is a nerd school, they want nothing to do with athletics. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start to phase out the athletic buildings completely.

    A total waste of 5 years, transfer out if you still can.