Python IDEs

Well, I think I can truthfully say that I am totally unsatisfied with every Python IDE I’ve tried so far (with the exception of TruStudio, which I couldn’t test since Eclipse 3.0 M5 crashed on me). I try to measure IDEs by the “Visual Basic” standard – i.e. its so simple that anyone could get use it and get the maximum utility out of it. And yes – I expect to be coddled – that’s what an IDE is there for. If I wanted to do things the ‘normal’ way, I’d open up a vim window, start typing and open up pdb to start debugging.

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Expectations of Speed

I have a desire to see things proceed quickly. This is, in general, a good thing – but not without drawbacks. It gives me an inflated expection as to how quickly I can ‘get into’ a project. I started thinking about this topic when I considered the python IDEs/editors available and wondering when there’d be one I liked. I realized that often me (even as a developer) has a seriously skewed idea of how long projects can take to reach fruition.

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